Expert Removal Service

Flutningabílar provides the very best removal service in Greater Reykjavik area. We can move anything anywhere, regardless of its size, value and condition. We have professional packers and movers, so if you have delicate or difficult items requiring special treatment, we know exactly whatto do. Our drivers provide Personal and responsible removal service tailored to your needs.

Trusted drivers, set prices and offers

We at flutningabílar can give our customers fixed price and offers for our service. All product distribution and delivery will have a set prices. Your driver is your own representative at your service. Why choose us? Most of our customers choose us because we are expert in removals and our prices are competitive and fixed to specific job. House removal, junk removal, pick up timber, furnitures, appliances, motorbikes or yes anything. Please call us or Contact us for further inquiries.

Only a phone call away

So what size of a van or truck do you require? Don´t worry because we can assist you with evaluation and give you fixed price for your transport need. So call us now and get an offer.

Piano and heavy transporting

Do you need to move a piano? Our drivers are specialize in piano and other heavy transporting and they have special equipment for the job. Usually it requires 2-4 men to transport a piano, depending on the size of the instrument and conditions. Our drivers are used to all kinds of transporting and they can move almost anything.

removal service
removal service
removal service